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EXPERIENCE across channels 

We recognise that the nature of experience is evolving, with no one channel being sufficient to dominate the customer experience. Embedded within our proprietary Customer Fascination methodology is a new algorithm we call "Experience in Motion"

It integrates experiences with content and conversations in new ways across omni-channels anchored by the power of data.


Whatever the budget, occasion, theatre or venue we can deliver the most memorable experiences either as stand alone live executions or integrated across other channels

Delivering first class live events and experiential marketing activations


We work with you to develop and implement clearly differentiated route to market strategies built on professional trade development and engagement practices and processes. So whatever your category or industry or vertical we deploy human resources, knowledge, technology and processes to ensure that you are winning in the marketplace through effective trade and shopper experiences.

Helping you build profitable trade partnerships across Nigeria


Ambient media is a fast rising channel that allows brands and humans alike to express their creativity in very unique and expressive ways. We love the challenge of thinking out of the box and creating new conversations between people and brands using every day canvasses which they would otherwise have taken for granted.

Starting new conversations in unsual places

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We provide full virtual and augmented reality solutions. So whether your vision is to provide consumers with a virtual or augmented experience at an event or to radically redesign your service proposition to incorporate newer and more immersive ways of delivering service, talk to us to start you in the right direction.

Pushing the frontiers of experience


The exponential growth of digital channels offers brands and humans the opportunity to build new collaborative experiences never before envisaged. Our proposition lies at the heart of this new paradigm. We envision and create unique digital experiences for the rapid technology adopters and offer a way to craft powerful multi-sensory stories that Nigerians can touch.

Taking advantage of the power of digital to change Nigeria.


Traditional broadcast channels are not dead. Despite the ascent of digital, certain content are still best deployed through this channel, be it TV, cable or radio. We offer a catalogue experiential content specially developed for traditional audiences.

Creating content for tradional broadcast audiences

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delivering experience in motion

We consider any customer event or brand activation that does not only deliver results nor insights and active business intelligence, a waste of resources. Our philosophy is that ever experience and audience engagement must be capitalised into a recurring future marketing asset. This is why we have re-engineered our entire service value proposition and anchored our experiential marketing systems on new technology platform. Experience in motion is delivered through an integrated suite of Data Analytics, CRM, Automation and Campaign Performance Metrics functionalities which we deliver as a service.





We can help you create personalised experiences at any scale, leverage the power of automation and benchmark performance across every live marketing effort in real time.

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